My EurJpy trade 23 Feb Closed

Ok this trade was spotted sunday on hourly/ daily chart. The pattern was obviously downside and next support targetted would be 122.300-122.500 area.

My entry: 124.87 monday morning managed to keep it over monday as there is not data release and obviously expected EurUSD to give some resistance. I just moved my stop from 125.500 to 124.67 to lock 20 pips over night. Added another bigger position 124.32 and see the result later.

My problem I scared a bit and felt my target OVER - EXTENDED as yesterday I got a pull back arround 123.80 but I was confused missing that monday was a calm day and EurUSD almost didn't move. I exited manually 123.30 area for +150 and +100 pips. But see now EurJpy tested 122.

Watch nice head & shoulder pattern that I spotted on hourly and ignored exiting too early ! ( click on the chart to see full size ).

Must improve more and more my exit strategies.

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