Key factors involved in successful trend trading

Key factors involved in successful trend trading.
Trend traders: 

  • NEVER attempt to predict where the market will go
  • NEVER attempt to pick "tops" and "bottoms" of price action
  • ALWAYS respect the trend and align their trades accordingly
  • Let the market tell them when the trend is finished, not their "intuition"
  • Realize that they will necessarily sacrifice some pips at the beginning and end of a trend as they
  • Wait for confirmation that the trend beginning and end are authentic
  • Look at price action from a long-term perspective and don't get shaken by volatility
  • Understand that they will go through some potentially significant but temporary periods of drawdown as the trend matures
  • Understand that trend trading can lead to large gains but also equally large losses
  • Understand that trends can take place on multiple time frames
Profitable trend trading is 99% mental.

Found it in an Ebook reading right now.

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