EURUSD daily chart update 12 Sept 2011

Eurusd broke finally below 1.3850 and we moved faster now sub 1.36. Key support on daily reamin 1.3430-70 area any close below would trigger more losses.
I see more a consolidation move first toward 1.3850 before blowing up 1.34, unless ECB and Europe can calm down at least over Greece as the move is now triggered for 2 main reasons:
  1. - Greece failing to meet targets and all debate over ESFS / Eurobonds as all go in same scope debt issues.
  2. - ECB comments over inflation balanced in 2012 and concern over growth
I shorted EURUSD since 31 August  1.4437. I would had taken the short at 1.4550 but was too busy at the beach that period Winking smile.

So check charts

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yeeron said...

Great chart & analysis 13. Agree re: 1.3430 region being key support going forward. Stop hunting below this region as we speak.. To confirm more losses we will need a daily close below an initial close below this region on a daily basis. Odds favour a retracement in the short term IMHO.

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