FXCM Active trader price feed lagging & slippage

OK today I played some with Active trader from FXCM ( always love testing brokers).

So see here the price is lagging behind 2 brokers I had on other screens. Each time same issue prices ticking without getting the move then 5-10 seconds later it catches the move. This was a small live account I had for tests. I even tried to game that lag. guess what I got order filled with a slippage of 8.6 pips. ( Support knowledged later that slippage). It was crazy I got filled let's say at 1.2637 while price was showing 1.2642-44 ticks for over 5 seconds later. Hopefully I was already aware of that.

See the screenshots!

Took also time to contact support. They accepted to credit difference & told me this is due to "MARKET CONDITIONS". OK I translate that: We tried to screw you but you catched us so we will get that back in your account.

If FXCM was really serious about fixing the issue they would fix it automatically. As their support quickly spotted it & pointed the slippage to the pip that I noticed. In fact imagine the number of pips that fall in their pockets & customers don't notice as most of traders will not use many price feeds. But I'm a bit paranoid on that so I usually have many price feeds on many screens.

For FXCM. The price in the MT4 I'm comparing your prices here is the same on another screen with another 3rd broker & best of all FXCM price feed moved later to match again these 2 brokers. Also execution when we have lag is done AT SAME price as other brokers!!! As FXCM execution servers know the real price & will give you only that!

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trader said...

Nice catch bro...I also have the same problem..FXCM always lagging and some time freeze for 10-15 second..WTF!!!

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