FXCM Slippage & price lag episode 3

So back now to demonstrate again FXCM price lag against FXCM own price feed. As FXCM very kind & smart support managed to explain me that I can't compare it to dukas as FX market is not centralised.

See both accounts are live lower is using the official Active Trader Web plateform. The second is using unofficial Active trader price feed on Trade Station 2. So you can see the difference & price lag. Also I would point here after comparing both feeds I think these price feed are a bit different as web plateform have a wide spread but support always denied THEY HAVE ONE & ONLY one price feed.

Please notice I put both trading plateform on same PC & took snapshots, so we have same instant both pricing as you can see lower. Enjoy how this can get crazy!

Update: FXCM knowledge now the slippage on twitter & on forex factory

Click on picture to get larger & enjoy ( notice again Web active trader on Google Chrome in custom separte screen just over trade station on same PC, native XP trade station not web )!

You can find more details here in Forex factory: FXCM active trader web price lag & slippage

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