FXCM stop hunting & scam

FXCM says that Active trader is their best RAW price feed plateform. Then see how this spike happen. Quick stop hunting & notice they widen spread so no one can game them & use it to enter at that moment.

This is how FXCM make money doing nothing;

Click to see larger. Also notice compared to Dukascopy price feed. Nothing happened there.

If you contact support they will deny manipulating price feed of course ( otherwise they will be fired) & claim NO DEAL DESK. Ok this is not a deal desk spike but an automated stop hunting. Don't forget the biggest pain with brokers actually is Virtual trader plugin with MT4 that is automating scalping customers & I think that FXCM have such stuff hidden in their own plateform to squeeze more pips.
Also they claim having 12 liquidity providers & as FX market is decentralised price feed may be different. Then see this is supposed to be the RAW price feed. The best price feed that FXCM provide & that's why they charge 1 pip per transaction. If dukascopy have a better price feed then guys FXCM you are screwed. This is your best product. In fact it's not true

OK any way it was a very small account. Moved funds & closing account. No more time to loose with such scam.

So after NFA cracked down on gain capital & fined them for using virtual dealer when do they plan to check FXCM automated slippage?

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